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Are you the owner of a classic car or Japanese domestic market vehicle looking to sell? Choosing where to sell a classic car nearby can be difficult, as you want to ensure you receive the full value for it that you deserve. Fortunately, we're always in the market for cool classic cars and JDM vehicles to purchase at our classic car dealership near Roanoke, VA. Here at Duncan Imports & Classics, we'll streamline your car-selling experience and pay you an incredible value for your classic vehicle. Reach out to Gary Duncan directly at (540) 230-0077 today to learn more about classic car values and get paid handsomely for your ride!    

What Is My Classic Car Worth?

Do you have a classic American luxury vehicle with a storied history? Or, do you have a stylish Nissan, Subaru or Toyota JDM car that you'd like to get an exceptional value for? We're always looking for classic cars for sale nearby to buy and add to our inventory of classic and JDM cars in Virginia and Tennessee. Whether you own a classic Cadillac coupe, Dodge van or Ford convertible, we'll pay you a fantastic price for it and take it off your hands. We're also searching for mini-trucks for sale near Roanoke, VA, so if you have a Mitsubishi, Suzuki or Daihatsu truck, rest assured you can sell it to Duncan Imports & Classics!


Contact Duncan Classics & Imports if you'd like to learn more about your classic car's value. Whether you have a JDM vehicle or classic American car, we're here to help you sell a classic car nearby and get a value for it that you can be happy with. Plus, we have an expansive selection of legendary classic cars for sale in Christiansburg, VA, so you can find the next addition to your collection!  

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