Import FAQs

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Buying a RHD (Right Hand Drive) can be scary and difficult. Not here at Duncan...We did all the paperwork and research so you can relax and enjoy your buying experience!

Important Answers To Questions You May Have About Buying a Antique or Low Speed Japanese Import Vehicle
  • Our vehicles have been imported following all Federal and Commonwealth of Virginia laws. 
  • No auction fees, importing fees, or waiting for shipping.
  • Most Japanese Imports have a odometer that is 5 digits and displays in Kilometers only. 
  • All vehicles will be sold with a Virginia title that has kilometers converted to miles. Mileage accuracy is not guaranteed.
  • We offer 2 classifications of Japanese Imports: Antique or Low Speed (25MPH)
  • Importing these vehicles is both difficult and time consuming. We have done all the work for you so you can just choose, buy, and take it home.
  • Due to state laws and DMV requirements, we ask that you research the laws of your state to be sure of registration and driving requirements.
  • All vehicles are available for inspection on site.
  • Antique vehicles and Low Speed vehicles can be driven away with a Virginia Temporary Tag
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